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Sarah Heller

Understanding how to use data and technology to improve marketing efforts is not a gift that occurs naturally to most. That’s where Sarah shines. Whenever we want to understand how our marketing is measuring up, Sarah is our expert on lead generation, sales & marketing automation, and analytics.

How did she come upon this unique talent you might wonder? It wasn’t just luck, like any elite member of any special force Sarah went through rigorous conditioning with 10 years of immersion and acclimation to marketing automation and driving multi-channel ROI-oriented campaigns (sometimes referred to as previous work experience).

So relentless was her training, Sarah took a yearlong sabbatical traveling and volunteering all over the world just to reacquaint herself with those to whom she markets before joining the Snap36 team. We imagined it as a walkabout (until we learned that’s a rite of passage for a male Australian Aboriginal). We’ve since learned Sarah just had an amazing trip that she hopes can be repeated. Not surprisingly since she’s at 41 countries visited and counting.

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