Meet The Team

Brian Courtney

An engineer adrift in a sea of rich content. Brian’s motto is and always has been “If it’s not broken…build a better one.”  His years of experience in photography studios along with his technological aptitude make him a superstar head of technology and production.  While his eyesight may not be perfect his vision for Snap36 is crystal clear.  Any way to increase the efficiencies of our current processes will be found and if it cannot be found, it WILL be built.

With over 10 years of experience in the photo industry, Brian has a unique insight into the nuances that accompany the creation and management of content. As a self-proclaimed geek (with three degrees to show for it) Brian also has a deep appreciation of the benefits (and complexities) of technology integrations in this space.

We are fairly certain Brian is using us to ally himself with our photography robots to be on their good side when robots become self-aware (Skynet). Until then he’s a welcome addition to our team and we have him writing bios in his spare time.

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