MultiCam Photography Equipment

The MultiCam configuration is designed for fast, high-volume 360 degree product photography. It captures multiple product angles within a single rotation by simultaneously shooting several angles in a 360° rotational range within just a few seconds.

At its core is the Centerless Table, which allows a product to be rotated accurately and quickly. The Multicam arch accommodates up to four cameras, triggered through specialized software. One spin generates 96 images within a fraction of the time most systems are able to operate.


The MultiCam is built for products of similar size and shape; examples of products typically shot on a MultiCam are shoes, handbags, auto parts or similarly sized industrial/mechanical parts.

Centerless Table

The optical glass plate and diffuse background enable the photographed object to be lit from all sides and allows a product to be rotated accurately and quickly.


13 positions available for attaching cameras at a spacing of 7.5°

Synchronous shooting with multiple cameras during a single rotation

Arch for carrying cameras available in two sizes

Motor-assisted height adjusted to the center of the object being photographed

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