Flagship Kit Photography Equipment

The Flagship Kit is the perfect setup to create interactive 360 degree photography for nearly any product.

The rotating glass plate of the Centerless Table allows image capture at any point within 360 degrees, and the white illuminated background eliminates the need for post-production background removal. The Arm precisely moves the camera up and over the object from 0-90 degrees. The combination of these two movements allows advanced sequences which can capture any angle of an object.

The final touch is the Cube. Attached to the upper structure of the table, it syncs precisely with the rotating plate allowing products to be supported from above. This capability greatly expands what type of products can be captured and in what orientation they can be presented. The Flagship Kit – combined with precise workflow driven sequences – presents the most accurate online visual product experience possible.

Centerless Table

The optical glass plate and diffuse background enable the photographed object to be lit from all sides and allows a product to be rotated accurately and quickly.

Robotic Arm

Robust construction, precise movement and two arm sizes allow you to capture objects of all sizes. Thanks to the fine, precise movement of the camera, you can create highly realistic 3D images.


Uniquely shaped objects are supported well with the cube. When needed, it can be used for hanging products, allowing them to rotate in mid-air. And with a quick reconfiguration, it can be used on the floor as a small, portable rotating platform, strong enough to support hundreds of pounds.

Flagship Kit

One-click automated calibration of the positioning system

Easy set-up of objects to the center of rotation with laser-guided positioning

Optimized for photographing partially or fully magnified objects

Tidy lights mounted to equipment, no cables on the ground

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