Cube Photography Equipment

Small but mighty, the Cube is the most versatile piece of equipment in our automated studio system. Often inverted and center-mounted above a Table or Platform, the Cube is controlled by advanced workflow software and syncs its movements perfectly with any of our robotic equipment.

The Cube can be quickly transformed into a rotating mannequin for photographing fashion products. Thanks to its ingenious design, clothing can be styled on a separate torso and easily mounted to the Cube.


Uniquely shaped objects are supported well with the cube. It allows hanging products to rotate in mid-air. And with a quick reconfiguration, the Cube can be used on the floor as a small, portable rotating platform that’s strong enough to support hundreds of pounds.


The standalone Cube with a 40 inch diameter plate will serve as an effective mobile turntable. Its precision drive with zero-clearance transmission makes the robot surgically precise, even at maximum load of 290 lbs.


Available In 3 variants: Cube V5, Cube V6, Cube V6 Rotopower

Load-bearing capacity of 285 lbs

Robust, transformable, steel design

Quick mounting option onto various workstations

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