Spin Advertisements for Amazon

The future of Amazon advertising is video. Using spin images in Amazon Video Ads allow brands to create  differentiated  and visually compelling experiences that  improve click-thru rates.  Snap36 can  help your team quickly and easily convert  your  spin files into dynamic product videos at scale for use in all your advertising campaigns.

See It In Action

Spin videos can be used in all your online Amazon Advertising campaigns to differentiate your brand. These dynamic ads deliver a richer, more engaging experience to your audience and improve click through rates.

Key Benefits of Spin Advertisements for Amazon

Immediately draw visual attention to your top product features

Improve brand differentiation and click-thru rates

Optimized for limited real estate on mobile screens

Maximize investment with more content value out of the 360 spin process

How it Works

The image sequence used in creating your 360 spin is exported in video format from our capture software, and then transcoded to the required video specs for Amazon. Snap36 manages the process, allowing you to get more value out of your spin imagery.

Real Stories

Video ads on Amazon see up to 5x the click through rate than static ads.

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