Trane Supply Becomes Industry Leader With 360° Photography

Robin Wilson, Digital Business Architect at Trane Supply, explains the competitive advantage of 360° imagery within the industry.

“The industry is really on the cusp of really understanding how important images are. Not only flat images but 360 images. It’s been a changing world this year. A lot of businesses we work with that are competitors are going with 360° images. I think it is important that we stay ahead of those companies and not get behind.

One of our largest problems with Trane Supply is identifying the right part. A technician will take it out of the unit and then he’s trying to figure out if the replacement is really the right part. So that should help with ordering with confidence through our website and our digital app. Its called Trane 360 and we use it to identify it the units by serial number – it looks up warranty, it completely lists all the parts in the unit, if we’re missing images of that part. But that helps the service technician identify the part and place it in the cart and send it to the store. So there is some hesitation on doing that when you can’t see the part.

My dream would be that we would not only work with our vendors, but any parts that we get would have a 360 image of them and automatically be attached to the part. Even from the factory so that throughout the whole process of building the unit, identifying the service parts, its much easier and smoother. I think it’s going to bring us up in the class of businesses to catch up with the digital world.”