DigiKey Chose Snap36 For Their 360° Product Content

Pam Gieseke, Marketing Production Manager at DigiKey Corporation, explains why they chose Snap36 for their 360° product content.

“We chose Snap36 because we found that the staff is very responsive. The equipment and the setup is state of the art. They can take on the large projects and number of products we are working with and turn it around very quickly.

The team is very responsive. We walk out on the floor, talk to the photographers, understand the problems they are facing with the products. We did multiple sample sets of product in order to make sure the style guide was set. So at this point we are just answering questions, making sure the product looks the best it can, doing some QA on the spot, and really just working with each of the team members to make sure they have what they need from us.

I am really excited about our partnership with Snap36 because it really sets us up for success long term by being able to put a lot of images up front without delayed process. We are turning around a lot of product in a short period of time and to be able to put that up on our website and give that benefit to our customers – it is somewhere that we could not have gotten on our own so we are very excited about the partnership.”