Case Study: Parts Town

How Parts Town helps its buyers purchase with confidence

Parts Town launched its first e-commerce site six years ago, and the site has since played a key role in helping the company grow by double digits each year to reach more than $75 million.

One of their the biggest challenges online has been helping buyers make sure they’re ordering the right part the first time. In order to lead the e-commerce market and help online buyers purchase with confidence, Parts Town quickly realized that nothing beat the ability to spin products in 360° & 3D and zoom on any perspective.

We worked with Parts Town over a three-month period to photograph 25,000 products that shoppers can click to spin completely around before or after they zoom in to view minute details. When viewing a valve assembly unit for a Bunn coffee brewing machine, a buyer can now zoom in close enough to view the type of screws that fasten it. The buyer can also spin it completely around to read the small print on a label for product assurance.

In addition, we trained the Parts Town photography team to operate our robotic equipment so that they could continue to photograph the other 40,000 Parts Town products.

Every angle of every product on every device

Parts Town incorporated their 360° & 3D product imagery, known as PartSPIN, into the industry’s first mobile app, allowing customers to see a part from every angle and viewpoint, while providing unprecedented access to inventory. In addition to increasing technical support and user experience, these features enable their customers to plan service operations more efficiently through mobile devices.