360 Degree Photography Services for the Fashion Industry

If the way you present your products hasn’t changed in 20 years, that’s a problem

Fashion retail is known for unprecedented growth and innovation. To stay alive in this competitive market, retailers need to give the best visual product presentation possible-one capable of replacing the in-store experience.

360° & 3D spin photography ensures that your customers are getting the most accurate and visually engaging information. It guarantees they’ll see (and love) every stich, seam, sequin and stripe. It gives them the confidence to purchase and the promise to become brand loyal customers.

From pumps to purses, see products from every angle

Click & drag to spin image (Shift + drag if zoomed in) · Click to zoom in · Click thumbnail to reset

24 images in 60 seconds

Resize, retouch, and export individual images in multiple formats. A 360° spinset provides fashion brands with the most cost-effective way to capture all their product imagery needs.

Walk on a runway

Our Virtual Rotating Runway (VRR) is the perfect piece of robotic equipment to create a video that shows how clothing fits and moves on a live model.

A treadmill is set flush to a platform, enabling the model to walk as the Platform rotates 360°. This means you only need one camera and the lighting never moves.