Electrical 360 Product Photography Services

Flip The Switch On Your Electrical Product Photography

Electrical and automation customers are seeking product information online more than ever before, resulting in greater website traffic and eCommerce transactions. More digital experiences with your products means more opportunities to help them quickly solve a problem or make a purchase.

360-degree and 3D electrical product photography drives engagement and sales across your distribution channels and differentiates your brand. Snap36 is helping manufacturers and distributors bring their products to life and instill confidence with design engineers and maintenance and repair operators.

Snap36 Partners with Distributor Data Solutions

There is a growing demand in the B2B industry for high-quality product content. We recently announced a partnership with DDS (Distributor Data Solutions), the leading e-commerce product content and management provider serving the wholesale distribution industry, to help manufacturers and distributors get their content to market as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

“We can deliver this content regardless of e-commerce platform or viewer preference—our goal is to help manufacturers and distributors get this content to market as quickly and effortlessly as possible.” - Matt Christensen, DDS President

24 Images in 60 Seconds

Resize, retouch, and export individual images in multiple formats. A 360° spinset provides electrical companies with the most cost-effective way to capture all their product imagery needs.

Electrical Trends

Electrical Trends: Spinning products to improve customer experience

Over the past six months we’ve seen a number of distributors upgrade their websites – either the “look and feel”, evolve to a webstore or upgrade both. Why the investments?…

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IDEA Announces Addition to Tech Affiliate Program with Snap36

January 7, 2019 IDEA adds to their expanding Tech Affiliate program with Snap36, a company that automates the creation of 360°/3D product imagery, CGI for augmented reality, and other interactive…

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3M Provides Key Takeaways on Product Content for Customer Experience

John DeMarco (3M) and Jeff Hunt (Snap36) presenting at B2B Online 2018 in Chicago. Since the emerging desire for big data hit the scene…

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