360 Degree Photography Services for Consumer Goods

Consumer shifts create vast opportunities,
but also new rules for the game

Grocery shopping is moving online and the industry is more crowded-and competitive-by the minute. This digital channel presents vast opportunities for early adopters that understand traditional attention grabbing strategies that work in the supermarkets, don’t on the web.

The key to succeeding means displaying relevant, informative product information that is conveniently accessible to your consumers. From now on, technology-enabled innovations will drive much of the growth in CPG. Let us keep you focused on innovating, while we focus on capturing the best product images to engage your consumers and drive sales.

In an online grocery store,
consumers need to interact with products in a completely new way

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24 images in 60 seconds

Resize, retouch, and export individual images in multiple formats. A 360° spinset provides CPG companies with the most cost-effective way to capture all their product imagery needs.

The digital future for consumer packaged goods

Digital technologies are reshaping the landscape on how we discover and shop for consumer package goods. With brands, consumers, products and digital devices connected like never before, digital is disrupting traditional business models and putting new demands on CPG marketers.

Consumer Goods Technology partnered with Tata Consultancy Services to examine how digital activities are being rolled out across the consumer packaged goods industry.

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