What is a spinset?

A spinset is the set of individual images that comprise a spin. When it comes to 360° & 3D photography think of it more like a flipbook than a single unit. The spinset is loaded into a rich media viewer to make up the full animation that you see online.

How many images are in a spinset?

The number of images in a spinset varies based on your needs. Through our experience we recommend a 360° spinset to have 24 images while a 3D spinset will be photographed on 3 planes each containing 24 images for a total of 72 images. While this is our general recommendation, we can make any alteration to the number of images based on your specific goals.

What is the difference between 360° & 3D spin photography?

Spin Photography

360° spin photography is when a product is shot 360° on a single plane. 360° spin photography gives a comprehensive view all the way around a product. See example below:

Drag left and right for a 360° view

3D spin photography

It’s when a product is shot 360° on multiple planes. 3D spin photography allows you to show up and over a product, in addition to a comprehensive view around a product. See example below:

Drag left and right, and up and down for a 3D view

How many products can I shoot per day with your 360° & 3D equipment?

Each project is unique when it comes to 360° & 3D photography and there are a number of variables that come together to determine the productivity of the equipment.

Shooting similar products can yield a productivity of anywhere from 50-100+ per day. However, very large products or highly technical photo shoots can yield an average of 10-20+ products per day.

If you would like to know more about average productivity for your specific products, we recommend contacting us to further discuss your goals.

Can I pull static images out of a spinset for other uses?

Yes, you can pull static images out of a spinset. A spinset is made up of multiple images that can individually be used for all of your imagery needs, such as alternate e-commerce images, catalog images or planogram images.

Images can be pulled in multiple formats, such as TIFF, PNG, or JPG.

What is the difference between spin photography, video and CGI

There are a number of differences between spin photography, video and CGI.

Spin Photography

Pros: Photorealistic. Gives user complete control of product views. Cost effective and scalable for a large volume of SKUs.

Cons: True 3D is limited to the northern hemisphere of the product. Need access to product.


Pros: Informative and educational through audio. Brand control over product broadcast.

Cons: No user control of product views. Can be costly and time consuming. Difficult to scale to a large of volume of SKUs.


Pros: Full 3D view. Can be created virtually without products.

Cons: Not photo realistic. Can be costly and time consuming. Difficult to scale when it comes to a large of number of SKUs.

How do I publish spinsets onto my website?

Spinsets are published on a website through an image viewer. Viewers can be hosted either externally or internally, depending upon your needs. For a further explanation of some of the different viewers on the market please visit our deployment page.

What is the file format of a spinset?

Spinsets can be exported in a variety of files, but typically they are exported as JPG files. JPG’s offer a smaller file size for faster loading without sacrificing the quality of the images on the web. If you anticipate using the images in print we would recommend having them delivered as TIFF files for maximum print quality. Our unique workflow software allows both of these file formats, along with many others.

Does spin photography work on a mobile device?

Yes! Spin photography is typically presented through an HTML5 viewer, which allows it to work on all smartphones and tablet devices.

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