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Spin photography is really just a series of still images, called a spinset. The spinset is stitched together and served through a rich media viewer to create a fluid, seamless interaction – like a flipbook.

Our deep knowledge on user experience and ability to consult on any viewer makes Snap36 a great strategic partner to successfully deploy your imaging strategy.

These are the individual images that make up a spinset…

…and this is the spinset served through a rich media viewer

With so many options to host, manage, and serve your spins, we’re here to help you find the right solution for your site

Adobe Scene 7


Adobe Scene 7, part of the Adobe Experience Manager, is a hosted solution for managing, enhancing, publishing and delivering dynamic marketing assets and rich visual merchandising to web, mobile, email, Internet-connected displays and print.



Shotfarm’s Rich Media Hosting provides deep zoom, 3D spin and video all in a single, responsive HTMLS viewer. Built on top of their Digital Asset Management System and Product Content Network, their solution provides management tools to control and share all of your company’s marketing assets.




Invodo’s spin player is designed to be intuitive, fast-loading, and responsive on both desktop and mobile devices. It’s built on Invodo’s Visual Commerce platform, which allows clients to publish , measure and optimize their rich media assets from a single console.



Amplience’s Product Content Management solution allows merchandisers and marketers to deliver product zooms, 360° spins, color and fabric swatches, and a range of other customizations from a single master asset.

Magic Toolbox


Magic Toolbox is a non-hosted Javascript viewer, which supports mobile and desktop browsers. The viewer is quick to setup, easy to integrate with most e-commerce platforms, and contains over 30 customizable features, including auto-spin and zoom.