Shipping & Logistics Manager

Job Description

The Shipping & Logistics Manager oversees a group of Product Coordinators, Product Preppers and Shippers to support the studio operation. This position assures that product is managed and prepped to provide maximum efficiency during photography.


The Shipping & Logistics Manager ensures the department will:

  • Receive, prepare and track all products for image capture
  • Maintain accurate inventory for all products in the Snap36 studio
  • Organize, manage and maintain a common product storage area for multiple clients in a neat and orderly fashion
  • Distribute merchandise to photographers in an efficient manner
  • Identify potential product issues when handling merch and notify the studio manager immediately
  • Repack and arrange for return shipment of product to original client
  • Coordination of timely shipping and delivery of all merchandise, including packing lists and properly packed return shipments
  • Use independent judgment to problem solve and make recommendations to improve efficiency
  • Oversee building cleanliness and assign team members to tasks as required by priority
  • Facilitate a team-oriented environment that is focused on client needs


  • Must be able to train quickly, follow procedure and exhibit the task management skills necessary to meet or exceed productivity requirements
  • Strict attention to detail with a high level of organizational skills
  • Very comfortable with and willing to learn new technology
  • A basic understanding or familiarity with photography is preferred
  • Proficient with MS Office applications using a Mac or PC operating system
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Flexibility in work schedule based on client needs
  • Must have valid drivers license and a working vehicle

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