Product Coordinator

Product Coordinator


The Product Coordinator is a merchandise handling specialist who uses software to check in and track products through the production process. Products are unpacked, cleaned and prepped for capture to meet specific client specific requirements. Products are managed and prepped to provide for maximum photography production and efficiency.


  • Receive, prepare and track products for image capture
  • Maintain accurate inventory of all products in the Snap36 studio
  • Organize, manage and maintain the common area for product storage in a neat and orderly fashion for multiple clients
  • Distribute merchandise to photographers in an efficient manner
  • Identify potential product issues during check in and notify Merchandise Manager immediately
  • Post image capture products will need to be checked out of our system, repacked with care and the return shipment arranged
  • Coordination of timely shipping and delivery of all merchandise, identifying priority items as needed
  • Meet or exceed assigned task productivity rates


  • Must be able to train quickly, follow procedure and exhibit the task management skills necessary to meet or exceed productivity requirements
  • Strict attention to detail with a high level of organizational skills
  • Very comfortable with technology and willing to learn new technology
  • Proficient with MS Office applications using a Mac or PC operating system
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Flexibility in work schedule based on client needs

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