Digital Content Technician

Digital Content Technician

Job Description

Our Chicago based company is hiring a highly qualified and motivated photographer to work on site at our 360/3D studio in the St. Paul area for a large retail company. We have a proprietary 360/3D image capture process that we will use to produce high quality and high volume product images. Mid level photography experience is necessary for this position.

The studio is located in one of their distribution centers in the 55144 zip code. Our contract with the customer is for 3 years and you will be expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week. The successful candidate will travel to our Chicago studio in January for training for a minimum of 2 weeks, possibly longer.


  • Operate equipment and application software per standard operating procedures
  • Apply proper lighting to all image capture sequences
  • Inspect, QC and approve captured images
  • Meet or exceed assigned task productivity rates
  • Manage product flow and product data requirements and update the customer as necessary


  • Must be able to train quickly, follow procedures and exhibit the task management skills necessary to meet or exceed productivity requirements
  • Excellent understanding of photography principles and procedures
  • Detail oriented for accuracy is a must and strict attention to detail is required
  • 2 years experience with Microsoft Windows operating system and applications
  • Very comfortable with new technology and a willingness to learn
  • Attendance – Regular attendance is essential for satisfactory performance in this position

Job Type: Full-time

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