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Why I Started My Company….Snap36.

“How do you do 360/3D product spin”?  This single question is why I started Snap36.

After spending ten years listening to major online retailers across North America and Europe person-thinking-about-the-earth-thumb7946256ask this same question, and watching their eyes roll back in their heads when I presented a convoluted (truthful) answer, I realized there had to be a simpler way.   I had been a start-up junkie for almost twenty years, but it had always been someone else’s idea and someone else’s money.  Our latest start-up, Scene7, had been purchased by Adobe and I found myself trapped in a big company, with very little mobility and autonomy (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that”). I had spent most of my career in imaging and the web, and truly love the challenges of enhancing the online user experience, and wanted to stay in the industry.  I did extensive research and realized that most technology entrepreneurs parlay their day jobs into their next ventures, so I kept my eyes and ears open…and eventually got lucky.

In late 2008 I was presenting at an eCommerce Expo in Germany.  After my presentation I was walking the trade show floor when I stumbled into a jam-packed booth, and there in front of me was the missing piece of the 360/3D spin pie; industrial-stength, Darth-Vader looking, photography robots that completely automated the 360 product photography process.  Combining this technology with the Adobe-Scene7 solution or created what every one of my clients had been asking for…an iPod-simple way to “do 360/3D product spin”!  This breakthrough, combined with the confluence in the market toward mobile/tablet shoppers (using HTML5 viewers) and a new generation of users demanding higher imaging expectations, convinced me that this is what the world had been asking for…and Snap36 was born!

Today, the market is just at the beginning of the adoption cycle and we are in a market leading position, with customers such as Walmart, Home Depot, Kohls, Golfsmith, Smith Optics and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, among many.  Finally, we can answer the question, “How do you do 360/3D product spin”?….which has led to a new #1 question from the marketplace, “Why isn’t everyone doing this”?

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