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When Industrial Parts Become Art

When we first engaged with the Parts Town team, we knew there was chemistry, but honestly, we had no idea where it might take us. Here was an aggressive, Crains Fast Fifty company that was looking for their next big thing in order to revolutionize the OEM restaurant replacement parts market.

Their idea: shoot 25,000 of their parts in 360° & 3D spin so they could once again raise the bar and set the standard in the industry. And they wanted to do it all in under 3 months.

Being a competitive person myself, and knowing that many of their stakeholders are tri-athletes and marathon runners who set extraordinary goals and then execute to achieve them. I thought absolutely, we can DO this! And then it was time to talk about budget.

My first thought was this is EXACTLY what I started Snap36. The goal was always to provide 360° & 3D spin photography that is simple, scalable and cost effective. It was time to put up or shut up!

So what did we do? We knew our robotic photography turntables and equipment, workflow software and viewer implementation services were rock solid and unparalelled in the industry. We realized there was no room for failure and thus needed to ensure success at an unprecedented quality level. We immediately recruited and deployed the best resources on the planet for this project. Rockstar pros who have decades of experience and have worked for world-class companies and brands. We were going to bring the best of breed: the Michael Jordan of Project Managers, combined with top-tier fashion, food, and architectural photographers. Together we should shoot…chicken fryer parts!!

We shot 25,000 parts in full 360°& 3D spin in under 11 weeks. My favorite  part was Emanuela Franzone’s, VP of Marketing and Innovation at Parts Town, reaction when we started showing her the photography.

“We had no idea how BEAUTIFUL these parts would be!”

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