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Snap36… Snap360… Spin36… Spin360… What’s in a Name?

In my almost thirty years of business experience, I have worked for a lot of tech companies and I cannot tell you how whats-in-a-namemany times I have heard, “where did that name come from”?

The first company I worked for was a household name at the time (versus a household joke today), Eastman Kodak. Lore had it that George Eastman loved the letter “K” and wanted a name that had no other meaning on earth, other than his company. Voila, he succeeded!

In the late 90’s I ended up at a small, internet development company called Alta Software. Somewhere along the line, we grew it from $3M to almost $55M in just under three years. Along with an IPO came a new name.  I was part of a team that worked countless hours explaining to our overpaid consultants what the company stood for….you know, the basics…we are strong, we deliver, we are honest…yada, yada, yada…at that point, the consultants came back to us with a shortlist of new name. One distinctly stands out…Galvinet. All I could think of was a metal pail with some wires hanging out of it. In the end, we chose Cysive. It was a nice play on Cyber and Decisive, Incisive, etc…you get it.

Today, half the people who walk in our door refer to us as Snap360 or Spin360 or something other than Snap36. They know they want 360 & 3D spin photography services or equipment, but can’t quite grasp the Snap36.  That’s OK with me though.  Ten years ago many of the same people asked how the heck we came up with the name Scene7. It was goofy and had no real meaning to it. Fast forward to today, and you know that the Adobe-Scene7 platform is practically a verb in the user experience and rich media platform world. How did it get there? A really good idea, persistent hard work, great people and a whole lotta luck!!

Do you remember the first time you heard some of the latest and greatest technology companies? Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Amazon. The name means nothing until the value is proven. What’s important isn’t the name, it’s the impression, the satisfaction and the good feeling that you leave with your customers. That’s all we at Snap36 hope you remember!

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