The Snap36 Blog Redesign Uses 360° Product Imagery to Increase Customer Trust

Snap36 has announced that Truck-Lite Co., LLC, a worldwide leader in heavy-duty lighting and visibility systems, has chosen Snap36 to create 360° spin photography for over 3,600 products launching on Truck-Lite’s newly redesigned website:

Truck-Lite customers now have a much better view of what they’re going to buy on, as they can digitally spin every product in 360° to see multiple angles and critical details. This capability enables Truck-Lite to provide intuitive, B2C e-commerce experiences that its B2B customers have grown to expect, which increases purchase confidence on

 “360° imagery puts the product in our customers’ hands. It gives a complete feeling of seeing the whole product, which increases customer trust and reduces returns,” said Edwin Ludwig, Digital Marketing Manager at Truck-Lite. “It shows that Truck-Lite is committed to continually improving customer interaction. Moreover, it demonstrates that we’re willing to invest our resources and capital into applications that will help our customers and end users.”

Before partnering with Snap36, Truck-Lite displayed only one product image per product group. Currently Truck-Lite provides a 24-image 360° spin for every product—regardless of the product’s size or cost. As a result, Truck-Lite provides its online customers with consistent experiences that reflect the quality of its brand, as well as comprehensive visual information that highlights Truck-Lite’s competitive advantage, the engineering quality of its products.

We want to make sure that we have every SKU from every angle because some of our products appear to be nearly identical when using traditional photography. We could have 40 products that at the core use the same light housing, but have different mounting types that change from SKU to SKU. What better way to show and transmit the time we spend engineering, testing, retesting, and manufacturing than to show our products from every angle?

Edwin Ludwig, Digital Marketing Manager at Truck-Lite

360° product photography is a part of Truck-Lite’s larger product content strategy, which focuses on redefining its product structure and rebuilding its data from the ground up. Instead of building an in-house studio to reshoot an entire catalog, Truck-Lite partnered with Snap36 to outsource its product photography and keep the project on schedule.

“We decided the smartest thing to do was partner with Snap36, who has the expertise, technology, resources, and processes to be able to manage projects in a timeframe along the lines of what we need,” said Ludwig, “and that way we don’t have a bunch of photography machines collecting dust here.”

Going forward, Truck-Lite will continue to use Snap36 Studio Services for new product introductions.

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