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Top 10 Reasons For Not Utilizing 360 Product Spin On A Website

Throughout my ten years of traversing the globe talking with clients about their existing user experience (or lack thereof) and how to improve it, the overwhelming question that always came up was, “how do you do 360º spin and is it effective”?  Early on, I would dive into a diatribe describing the process….”well, you get yourself a turntable, and you get yourself a camera, and you take a picture and then you move the table a few degrees, and then you…..”…right, you get the point…and then I would see my client’s eyes roll back in their sockets and I knew I only had a split second to catch their head before it hit the table.  It seemed everyone wanted to do it, they knew it made sense, the metrics prove it, but they always came up with another excuse as to why they “weren’t going to do it now, but it is on our list for next year”….nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more….

From this experience, I have gathered my Top Ten Reasons (Excuses?) for not deploying 360° spin on their websites….drum roll please:


Number 10 – My products are too big…too little…too flimsy… too shiny… too many… too different… to shoot economically!

Number 9 -It would be too expensive to ship my products to a studio…even though I have no idea how much a stamp costs these days!

Number 8 – We use Video instead of Spin….because I know how to run a video camera!

Number 7 -Our customers don’t require our products to spin…or at least they haven’t asked for it!

Number 6 -We do Alternative Views instead, Spin is too complicated, cumbersome and overall really mysterious.

Number 5 -I would have to prove the ROI before management would buy in….as they are presently intoxicated with social, mobile and some other project du jour!

Number 4 -Our web team wouldn’t know where to start to create a Spin Viewer….and it would take them to 2015 to deploy it if they did!

Number 3 -The files would be too big and our bandwidth costs would go through the roof…. which would cut into our supply of Red Bull and Ho Ho’s in the break room!

Number 2 -It costs too much…at least that’s what my neighbor told me! and last but not least….

Number 1 – I have no freakin’ idea where to even start….but, thanks for catching my head!

These are my ten…although I am sure there are more.  Help me out….add your own reasons why you think eTailers don’t put more focus on providing a realistic, 360/3D view of their products on the web….

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