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Debunked! Top 10 Reasons for Not Utilizing 360 Spin

Three weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled, “Top 10 Reasons For Not Utilizing 360 Product Spin On A Website”.  Many people questioned me and asked why on Earth I would write such a negative article about the market that, in essence, we are trying to promote and build. I quickly explained to them that I wasn’t writing about anything that anyone in the industry thinks is a mystery…..executing a 360 & 3D spin photography strategy is complicated, cumbersome and expensive….or at least IT USED TO BE!  You see hassle, I see opportunity.  You see cumbersome, I see simplified solution.  You see expensive, I see expensive NOT TO DO IT….Let’s take a look.

Number 10 – My products are too big…too little…too flimsy… too shiny… too many… too different… to shoot economically!

** Snap36 provides specific components to handle all, different types of products….from diamond rings to cars, strappy sandals to golf clubs, mannequins to grocery items.  The robots are computer driven for precise and speedy photogrphy, allowing you to shoot tens to hundreds of products per day.  Think it’s not right for your products?  We’ll shoot it for free and help you determine the expected ROI.new_overall-resized-600

Number 9 -It would be too expensive to ship my products to a studio…even though I have no idea how much a stamp costs these days!

Very good point.  If you have large, cumbersome products or thousands of them, shipping can be an issue.  That is why we provide our mobile POD (Photography on Demand) solution, where we will bring the studio directly to your facility to shoot your products.  We can provide everything including cameras and photographers, or just the robotic equipment….you make the call.

Number 8 – We use Video instead of Spin….because I know how to run a video camera!

There is no doubt that Video is an effective eMarketing tool.  Companies are seeing double digit uplift on products that are merchandised utilizing video.  The same can be said for products utilizing 360 & 3D spin.  Think about the interaction with a product.  A video is perfect for a “how to” or to show real life uses and scenarios of a product, but it is a one-way broadcast.  The user has no way to control the product interaction 360 & 3D spin provide this control.  Think shoe salesperson directs me to the proper shoe and tells me all of the details….think video.  Then you pick the shoe up, turn it over and around to examine the craftsmanship…think 360 & 3D spin.  It’s not an “OR”, it’s an “AND”.

Number 7 -Our customers don’t require our products to spin…or at least they haven’t asked for it!

Customer satisfaction ratings go through the roof on sites that utilize 360 & 3D product spin. If your customers do not want an engaging experience, you are probably selling reams of paper.

Number 6 -We do Alternative Views instead, Spin is too complicated, cumbersome and overall really mysterious.

I am a big believer in Alternative Views….in fact, if you shoot your products using our 360 & 3D spin photography robots, you get your Alt Views for free.  Also, if you just want to use the technology for your eight angles of Alt Views, we automate that process as well.

Number 5 -I would have to prove the ROI before management would buy in….as they are presently intoxicated with social, mobile and some other project du jour!

We have relevant ROI data from several of our customers, representing different product types.  If this is not enough, come spend a couple of hours in our studio with a few products.  We’ll help you build your case for management….better yet….bring your management with you.  As one customer said, “once you see these robots in action, this is a no-brainer”!

Number 4 -Our web team wouldn’t know where to start to create a Spin Viewer….and it would take them to 2015 to deploy it if they did!

We have tight relationships with several Rich Media platform providers.  We can help guide you to the right solution, whether it is Adobe Scene7, Liquid Pixels, RichFX or Shotfarm….or perhaps something completely different.  Our background is deep in this industry.

Number 3 -The files would be too big and our bandwidth costs would go through the roof…. which would cut into our supply of Red Bull and Ho Ho’s in the break room!

See my earlier blog on Image Servers….that’s what they are for, to provide a way to serve up large files in a clever and efficient manner.  You are right, you do not want 10MB files downloading to the browser…we have solutions for this.

Number 2 -It costs too much…at least that’s what my neighbor told me! and last but not least….

Historically, 360 & 3D spin photography has cost 5X or more versus static photography.  That is because the process was labor intensive or, an agency needed to recoup their costs for expensive, custom photography contraptions that they built themselves.  Our robots and software are reasonably priced, and your ROI should be measured in months not years.  We say, 360 & 3D spin photography at static photography prices.

Number 1 – I have no freakin’ idea where to even start….but, thanks for catching my head!

Loaded and obvious question…simple answer….Snap36 was founded on the premise of providing a simple, one-stop shop for your 360 & 3D Spin photography needs.  Our hardware and software solutions are built by people who also use them in their own, working studios.  They are constantly being upgraded to provide more efficiency.  This provides our customers with an even more simple, scalable and affordable solution.

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