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The 360-Degree Spin Imagery Experience on Amazon with Jeff Hunt

The future of Amazon imagery is heading in a direction that builds trust, credibility and purchase confidence and it is all thanks to 360-degree product content.

Snap36 CEO, Jeff Hunt, joined the E-Commerce Brain Trust podcast hosted by Kiri Masters and Julie Spear to give insight on how Amazon and B2B product brands are adopting 360-degree product content.

Takeaways from the conversation

  • What 360 Spin Imagery does for brands and for the online shopping experience.
  • How 360 Spin Imagery helps shopper to know exactly what they’re getting before they get it.
  • The results that Jeff has seen with Amazon, from the use of 360 spin imagery.
  • Why Amazon has embraced 360 spin imagery.
  • Where Snap 36 has seen the most use of 360 spin imagery.
  • The huge difference in conversion rates between companies that use spin imagery and ones that don’t.
  • The huge impact that 360 spin has had on Grainger’s online sales.
  • What Grainger has done to push the cost of creating their content down, through their suppliers.
  • The up to 30% reduction in returns experienced by some of the clients of Snap 36.
  • Where it would really make sense to make use of 360 spin images.
  • The reason that people are wanting 360-degree products for consumer goods.
  • An unusual product that has seen a major lift on topline revenue on their website, due to 360 spin imagery.
  • Why 360 imagery is currently only available to vendors on Amazon.
  • The difference, for the consumer, between video and 360 spin imagery.
  • What 360 spin imagery does for the confidence and trust of consumers.

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