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Snap36 Offers 360-Degree Spin Photography on Amazon

Amazon has recently added 360-degree spin photography capabilities to select product detail pages, including many in home furnishings, according to Jeff Hunt, CEO of Snap36, a Chicago-based tech company.

“Amazon has realized the value of adding 360-degree product images that allow people to rotate, pinch and zoom in on products in high definition to see every detail,” said Hunt.

Rather than using traditional photography processes, Snap36 automates the image-capture process using robotic equipment and workflow software to deliver 360-degree 3D imagery, as well as augmented and virtual reality, video, and interactive content.

Hunt says he currently sees two parallel emerging use cases regarding imagery pushing to the forefront, specifically in the furniture industry.

“First of all, the consumer wants to see high resolution 360-degree 3D imagery either on a marketplace, like Amazon, or on the retailer’s website,” said Hunt. “Then, they want to move to an augmented reality program to see how that furniture would fit into their home.”

Photography in 2D that works for fliers and catalogs doesn’t work online, said Hunt. To address this problem, he said Snap36 has automated the end-to-end process of creating 360-degree product photos at its 42,000-square-foot studio. “By adding 360-degree/3D photography, the technology gap can be closed much more quickly,” Hunt added.

Milwaukee-based National Business Furniture, a Snap36 customer, says it has seen greater conversion rates after using 360-degree product imagery on its website.

“We understand that purchasing furniture online can be intimidating,” said Chelsea Hodgins, video marketing and on-site studio manager for National Business Furniture.

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