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Snap36 answers: What is your favorite animated 360° product image?

Sometimes products are so complex, unique, or intelligently designed that 360° product photography doesn’t capture its full story. For the products that have more to say, we add animation to the 360° image.

Animation is created by altering the product, such as opening a drawer or adding an accessory, partially through a row of images or on a separate row entirely. Animation isn’t just limited to one movement either. Handles can move up and down. Pockets can open, close, be filled and emptied. There are countless ways to use animation in conjunction with a 360° to highlight the details and features that complete a product’s story.

We’ve had many interesting products come through the Snap36 studio doors. Hear from members of the Snap36 team on why animation made their favorite 360° images come to life.

Client: Lowe’s
Product: Refrigerator
Jim Badger, Director of Operations

One of my favorite, and most memorable projects was shooting an animated refrigerator for Lowe’s Home Improvement – something that had never been done before. Throughout the Lowe’s managed services project, we were presented with one-of-a-kind problems that required solutions so that Lowe’s could be first to market with spin photography.

Our team worked with the customer to deliver great 360° imagery that has had an impactful result in sales revenue for Lowe’s.  As a result of this we have done a few more appliance projects and can proudly say we have the most experience world-wide in shooting refrigerators and other appliances using animated 360° photography techniques.

Client: Ghurka
Product: Travel Bag
Colleen Ehrhardt, Director of Sales

I love this 360° image because it portrays the most essential aspects of the bag. It gives you a real sense of the quality of the leather, the intricate stitching, and the functionality of the bag.

While most products are shot in one, two, or three rows (levels of camera height), this item is unique in that we created an additional fourth row. The first row shows the bag standing upright and revels the hidden handle, the second row shows the bag laying down, the third row highlights the removable strap, and the fourth opens the bag to display the inside of the product.

This is a unique item for us because rather than the standard three-row spin, we used a fourth row to open the bag and display the inside of the bag. The extra row of the spin allows potential customers to see the functionalities of the bag, including zippers, quality of the lining and an idea of how much they could fit into the bag.

Client: Michelada
Product: Bloody Mary
Molly Pfister, Director of Marketing

It’s not uncommon for bars and restaurants to offer fully decked out specialty drinks, and the Output Lounge is no exception. The bartenders at this local watering hole make sure that ordering a Michelada is more than just receiving a drink – it’s an experience.

For those of you who don’t know what a Michelada is, Output Lounge’s breaks it down before mixing it together. The 360° image uses two rows to showcase the process from start to finish. The first 24-image row is a 360° view of the ingredients that make up Output’s signature Michelada, the second 24-image row is a 360° view of the prepared drink.

As an incredibly picky eater, I choose this product because I often rely on Yelp to get me through my menu selections. Whenever I’m stuck between menu items or I don’t recognize an ingredient, I pull up Yelp’s food photos to give me some clarity. There is a lot of potential for shooting menu items in 360° and this example provides a unique take on how 360° animation can showcase food and drink in a “before and after” setting.

Client: Oil-Dri
Product: Spill Kit/Station
David Gaffney, Photographer / Installation Technician

This animated image is my favorite because shooting it was completely different from anything that I have worked on at Snap36. The objective was to showcase the entirety of the kit. With a static photo, a buyer might assume that he/she is only purchasing the wheeled bin or the absorbent materials, as it would be nearly impossible to display each item. And a static photo would fail to represent the kit’s functionality as a single source for the storage, cleanup, and disposal of unwanted spills.

But by using animation, I was able to create an interactive and visual experience the that clearly communicates the entire kit, the pieces within it, and its function. Instead of shooting a product from multiple angles as I would to create a standard 360° image, I used stop-motion animation, capturing 24 static images and slightly altering the product within each image of the sequence—like a picture flipbook.

During production, the client was on-site and in our studio and was very helpful. He was hands-on and offered the idea to have each of the pieces emerge from the kit. I loved his unique vision for the image and it provided an awesome result.

Client: Mobile-Shop
Product: Preventative Maintenance (PM) Cart
Sean Embree, Sales Consultant

This is one of my favorite projects I’ve been a part of at Snap36 because the spins offered our client, Mobile-Shop, so many possibilities in their sales process moving forward. It was the most animation we’ve ever done on a spin before, and it was absolutely necessary due to the several functions their products offer that were previously unable to be displayed in static images and product videos.

This was essential for the Mobile-Shop sales team because it provided them with a unique resource for their customers to engage with during the buying process. Rather than seeing the Mobile-Shop Cart in a video or via static images, they are now able to interact with the product and each of its unique functions from the seat of their own desk.

During their one-day visit to the Snap36 studio, we were able to connect with the Mobile-Shop team to get all the details on how they envision the 360° imagery will impact their business. Make sure to check out our conversation with the Mobile-Shop team on our blog.

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