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Shotfarm Announces Major Updates, Fully Customizable Viewer: Q&A with Mike Lapchick

for_mfrs_imgWe always tell customers that we’re unique in how we measure our success. Shooting products in 360° spin and managing the workflow gets you to the 20-yard line, but a project is not complete until the product spins are published on an e-commerce website.

To ensure that success, we partner with the top rich media hosting solutions to manage, serve, and host your product spins. Chicago-based Shotfarm is one of those partners.

We’re excited to report that Shotfarm recently announced major updates to their rich media hosting solution, including a fully customizable viewer. We sat down with Mike Lapchick, CEO & Founder of Shotfarm, to discuss the new features and what customers can expect from Shotfarm in the future.

Q: When did you get the idea to update the viewer? Explain the time, strategy and planning that went into the updates.

We’re continually evaluating our hosting capabilities to ensure that they’re aligned with the evolving needs of our customers. About once a year we do a major upgrade with more nimble quarterly releases in between.

Q: What existing viewer features have been updated? What new features are now available on the viewer?

In the recent major release, we gave customers the ability to modify viewers themselves without the need for Shotfarm assistance. This sped up customers’ development time, reduced their costs, and freed up our resources to accelerate product development. Though we’ve got great customer service, we’re not a services business. This was a huge win-win for Shotfarm and its customers.

In addition to user-customization, we’ve added:

  • Hover-over zoom mode – The image automatically zooms to a set zoom level when the user moves their cursor over the main viewer window.
  • Full page view – New enlarge button opens the viewer to full browser view.
  • Custom icon set – Viewer control icons can be replaced with your own set.
  • Drag-and-drop spinset uploading – We’ve changed the naming convention slightly to allow users to drag entire spinsets into the gallery. Replacing a single frame can be done by dropping the replacement file into the gallery.
  • Custom text – Now you can customize the font, size, and color of any viewer text.

Q: How does the redesign of the website coincide with the viewer updates? Are there other new and exciting happenings in Shotfarm’s future?

It’s huge. Here’s a scenario to give you an idea of the flexibility of the new platform:

On Monday, I drag a bunch of assets into my gallery including the first 24 frames of a 72 frames of a spinset. Within 30 seconds, all of the assets have loaded and the 24 spinset frames have consolidated into a single “spin” asset.On Wednesday, I drop the remaining 48 frames of the spinset into the gallery and, within another 30 seconds, they’ve been added to the other 24 frames, thus completing the 72 frame spinset.

On Friday, I drop a CSV with complete product attributes into my new “Data” page and, when I go back to my “Gallery” page, I see that the product information has attached itself to all of the assets– including the spinset.

When either I, or my partners, download any of my assets, they will now come with a complete data set.

But, perhaps the most significant part of this release was that it facilitates the release of my favorite feature to date. Stay tuned in April for some really big news from Shotfarm!

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