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BrightSign uses 360° imagery to bring a new element to the commercial digital signage industry

Over the last 15 years, BrightSign has established itself as a pioneer in the commercial digital signage industry. It has set the standard for digital signage media players, content creation software, networking solutions for the commercial digital signage industry.

A visually engaging display is core to the BrightSign narrative, prompting its team to ask the question: Why aren’t we displaying 360° interactive imagery on our own products?

“Our objective was to create a 4K resolution touch screen, and a retail themed BrightAuthor demo that would showcase the advanced capabilities of its BrightSign XT3 digital signage media player,” said Ann Holland, Vice President of Marketing at BrightSign. “The 360° imagery enabled to beautifully showcase the “pinch/zoom” interactivity as well as the spatial manipulation of the images on a 4K touch screen.”

While BrightSign originally planned to illustrate its ability to incorporate 360° imagery on digital screens, it ultimately expanded its objective by capturing its hardware using 360° imagery, and in turn, provides customers with engaging and detailed visual information.

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