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Product Videos Vs. 360° Product Images [Infographic]

If you’ve ever questioned the difference between product videos and 360° product images, you’re not alone. We’re frequently asked about file details and usage capabilities: Are the file formats the same? Can we convert a 360° product image into a product video or convert a product video into a 360° product image? How do they compare for increasing e-commerce conversions?

Understanding the differences between product videos and 360° product images is critical when budgets are limited and timelines are tight. To help you get the biggest bang for you buck we’ve created this infographic that addresses common questions and highlights key differences.

We’ve underscored the areas you should consider to maximize your product content investment:

Deliverables: File specifications, such as format, size, resolution, and number delivered

Resources: How product videos and 360° product images are created, the typical production process, and the average cost-per-product

Experience: How information is communicated, who is in control of engagement, and what the customer experiences.

Uses: Ways in which product videos and 360° product images can be converted into other contents formats and used outside of product information pages

Impact: How product videos and 360° product images improve e-commerce conversions on B2B websites and how they measure up against other forms of enhanced content

Need help increasing your e-commerce conversion rate? Websites that are using 360 product photography increase conversions by an average of 47%.