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The Power of Interactive 360° Imagery

Have you ever wondered what the secret ingredient is to a successful online shopping venture? Many efficacious websites all seem to have the same feature to make a consumer’s online shopping experience more engaging. That special sample_bootsomething: 360° product photography.

A successful Internet shopping site should rely on its presentation. Pixelated, static images are futile. High quality imagery, combined with 3D-realistic photography is the new way businesses are attracting millions of consumers daily. 360° spin photography is a process that allows consumers to view various products, online, from all angles.  Shoppers can pan, rotate and zoom in and out to view the very details that make their buying decision easier.

For online vendors, this type of presentation boosts sales by driving more traffic to their online shopping site. Retailers can lower return rates with 360° & 3D spin photography because this interactive experience is similar to holding a product in the hands. It creates a stronger emotional bond between a consumer and different brands, which in turn strengthens the consumer’s craving to buy. Additionally, 360° spin photography reinforces the perception of honesty and reliability. It’s as if you are saying, “I have nothing to hide.”

For online consumers, being able to study the details of a product that they are researching is very reassuring. Whether its accessories, clothing, electronics or furniture they want, finding the right product in a virtual shopping mall can be difficult. Think about buying a pair of sunglasses in the department store, where you can pick them up and view the detailing.  Now, a person can do the same online. There is no substitution to touching and inspecting merchandise up close, but with 360° spin photography, people are able to take control of their shopping experience and examine their potential buy closely. This experience becomes the next best thing to in-store shopping.

Online venues can lower return rates with 360° spin photography and improve customer satisfaction and the conversion ratio, which equates to more profit. Millions of people are bypassing the long lines at shopping centers and purchasing their holiday gifts online this year. Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday.

Overall, every online retailer really needs to examine their products and customer satisfaction and ask themselves whether they can  lower return rates with 360° spin photography and increase productivity. It’s really important to understand the market and how consumers shop. These are great ways to figure out whether this would be the right enhancement for business.

Need help increasing your e-commerce conversion rate? Websites that are using 360 product photography increase conversions by an average of 47%.