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My Personal Case Study (and I mean personal)

Recently my wife and I decided to add a water filter to our kitchen faucet. She and I love drinking purified water so we were very excited to add this little feature to our home. Low and behold, the water filter didn’t fit the faucet. After my attempt to act as Mr. Fix-It and installing this water filter, I ended up busting an aerator off of the faucet. DOH!

That little issue has bubbled up into lots of little menial tasks: contacting my general contractor, him scheduling a visit and pulling out the aerator from the faucet, then sending me on a wild goose chase to find the proper replacement part.

Well, as some of you might know Snap36 prides itself in helping companies in the replacement parts world, so I thought “Wow, this will be a cinch to find the product I need.” Let’s just say after going through the search process, I wish I could have winded back the clock on that water filter purchase because finding a product is painful!

Here’s the sequence of painful steps I experienced in a nutshell:joe blog

  1. I surfed the manufacturer website to find my faucet, which they had a nice static image of (think one 2D picture), but no 360° shot of the product to 100% confirm it was the exact faucet in my kitchen
  2. I sifted through the manufacturer catalog to find the associated service parts, which of course did not have any images, just sketches (think pencil drawing)
  3. I searched for the part in the website search engine and found the actual service part product page and there wasn’t even a sketch of the product, rather an airbrushed looking image (think clipart)
  4. I called the service part line, which the automated system redirected me 5 different times before I got a live person
  5. I spoke with a Customer Service Rep and she concluded that she could not confirm that the product I needed to buy was the one I was looking at

How long and hard of a process is that?!? What if the manufacturer simply had a 360° image of the faucet, then 360° images of all the replacement parts? I know this is asking a lot knowing we are on the front end of an early market, but I can’t help but think my personal perception of this particular manufacturer brand has diminished due to the headache and time that’s been wasted.

Would my perception had changed if they had 360° images? Absolutely. Sure I have bias as an executive of Snap36, but I’m an everyday consumer trying to save time and eliminate headaches like everyone else out there shopping online.


Here’s to all those product managers and marketers who are taking care of their customers with excellent imagery, especially with 360° and 3D imagery! Cheers!

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