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Mobile-Shop implements 360° imagery to maximize efficiency of its sales process

Starting in 2004, Mobile-Shop revolutionized one of the most well-known storage devices used by contractors, maintenance workers and anyone in the trade skills industry: the toolbox.

For Mobile-Shop, its main goal has always been to redefine efficiency for maintenance operations in a wide variety of industries. The Mobile-Shop® System is developed to effortlessly eliminate the time wasted daily by maintenance personnel searching for and retrieving needed tools and parts.

With products that are loaded with unique craftsmanship and intricate features, Mobile-Shop determined that flat, static imagery did not visually convey the full value of its products. Mobile-Shop recognized that it needed a visually engaging and interactive way to showcase its products online and found the solution in 360-degree product photography.

“Our products have a lot of moving parts and Snap36 has enhanced that for us. 360-degree imagery enables customers to see the details of every product without it physically being in front of them,” said Angelo Mazzella, CEO of Mobile-Shop.

Mobile-Shop-InfographicAdding 360-degree product images not only improved Mobile-Shop’s online presence on both its website and the websites of its distribution network, but also it gave the Mobile-Shop sales representatives a new tool to make them more efficient and agile.

Outside of sales representatives driving products to prospective clients, Mobile-Shop had no scalable way to demonstrate the plethora of features of each cart to its widespread audience. 360-degree photography gives the Mobile-Shop sales representatives a digital tool to use with prospective customers and visually explain its product line without shipping or driving products across the country. This gives sales reps the flexibility to either ship a physical product or simply send a link to the interactive visual representation.

“Our sales reps are excited.” said Mazzella. “We are always asked to present live demos so that companies can better understand the complexities of each cart. 360-degree product imagery gives our reps the ability to show the entire Mobile-Shop product line without running the expense of shipping products to every meeting or driving it themselves.”

In addition to alleviating the need to always ship or drive products to Mobile-Shop prospects, 360-degree product photography acts as a sales asset that can be shared with all members of a purchasing team. At the click of a button a 360-degree product image can be shared, reviewed, and discussed by stakeholders throughout the purchasing journey.

“When our customers are spending several thousands of dollars on a solution, the purchases often involve multiple stakeholders,” said Mazella. “Customers are not willing to spend that without knowing everything about the product and fully evaluating it; that is why 360-degree imagery is so helpful for our business.”

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