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Looking For A User Experience Expert? Look In The Mirror!

Every morning I awaken to the smell of fresh brewed coffee and eagerly make my way downstairs to fire up the Macbook to siphon through the hundreds of snippets of wisdom bestowed from the newswires, blogs, tweets and occasional, self proclaimed guru friends who send me their daily soapbox.  And, every day I plod through all of the industry rhetoric of how to increase conversions, reduce returns, increase customer satisfaction, etc. from the plethora of articles.  It seems that everyone has an angle….

How do I get more people to convert?

How do I get less people to return products?


How do I reduce abandoned carts?

What’s the optimal user experience?

Net/Net…How do I increase my revenue and grow my business…?

People are being bombarded with so much information it becomes impossible to keep it all straight.  It’s no wonder that many are enlisting the help of interactive agencies to help them sort it out.  Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that there are many brilliant minds in these agencies that produce unbelievable creative, but I am continuously amazed at the lack of confidence that very qualified, high level retail marketing people have in deciphering how to address their own customer base.  They feel that they must enlist the help of “experts” when, in fact, THEY are the perfect case study.  Let’s face it, if you are working in Marketing in an eCommerce environment, and are not personally a power shopper on the internet….you are in the wrong business.  Instead of enlisting the experts, look inward, grab your magnifying glass and examine WHY you bought that pair of shoes last night from Zappos, that Plasma TV from Abt, that cool blouse from Asos….what inspired you to the point of purchase confidence….that’s what inspires the masses….deep down, don’t we all have the instincts and know the basics in our hearts?

1. I want to quickly find the product I am looking for…. SEARCH – Find It!

2. I want to see, feel, smell, touch (OK, I know there are sensory limitations on the web) the product in its entirety…..RICH MEDIA (Zoom, 360 & 3D spin, video, etc.) – Like It!

3. I want to read users’ experience with the Product -REVIEWS – Trust It!

4. I want a competitive PRICE – Afford It!

5. I want easy CHECK OUT – Buy It!

These basics haven’t changed in ten years.  The problem is that we are constantly distracted by the latest and greatest technologies and crazes….social, mobile, etc., which are all valid and will be important in filling out a complete strategy…but, don’t forget these five basics….

You still have to dribble and pass the ball, play great defense and make your free throws to win a basketball game….focus on the fundamentals and that will open up the opportunities for the three’s!

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