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Leveraging 360° content to promote products on social media and email

Social media and email users have grown all too accustomed to seeing product advertisements and promotions throughout their feeds and inboxes, oftentimes scrolling to the next post without taking time to learn about the product. With 8 seconds or less to grab a person’s attention, it’s more important than ever to stand out amongst your competition.

These vital communication channels provide businesses with a direct line to consumer eyeballs, and they aren’t going away any time soon. But with a seeming endless need for fresh content, how can businesses create visually engaging and information-rich social posts and newsletters without breaking the bank?

Because 360° product content provides businesses with an extensive image database that can easily be converted to video or GIF format (read: How to Create Animated GIFs from 360° Photography in 4 Easy Steps), savvy brands are leveraging the 360° image content they’ve created for e-commerce product pages and repurposing it to reach potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email. Showcasing your products with 360° product content serves as a “wow” factor that conveys a unique and visual story to social media users without any clicking or reading.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Home Depot

When promoting a line of Delta Faucet products, Home Depot takes Facebook advertising to another dimension. In place of single, flat product images, Home Depot offers full 360° views using video autoplay for multiple styles and finishes of available bathroom faucets. The “Shop Now” button is a one-click conversion from Facebook user to Home Depot customer.

Wool & Oak

Wool & Oak grabs the attention of its target audience with a comprehensive overview of this duffle suitcase. This post not only showcases the beautiful craftsmanship of the duffle’s outside leather, but also the systematic design of its inside compartments and functionality that could never be captured or explained in a single image.

Product Promotions & Announcements


In a very large product announcement that included a debut as the 2017 Coachella wristband, Lokai promoted its newest cause-worthy bracelet with a stunning 360° product video on Instagram. Lokai used proceeds from this bracelet to support The Nature Conservancy in their effort to plant one billion trees by 2025.


In a single Instagram post, FootJoy is able to seamlessly promote a variety of golf shoes to its followers. So whether they’re classic, sporty, modern, or girly, golf enthusiasts can appreciate the diverse styles and complete product offering highlighted with 360° imagery in this unique combination of four products.


360° product content is the best way to tell an animated story about a product. eBags took full advantage of its content asset by taking its audience through the process of packing for a trip—all while highlighting this backpack’s unique features, functionality, and conventional details along the way.



The average consumer’s inbox is flooded with promotional emails on a daily basis, which means that you need content that will not only grab the consumer’s attention, but also keep them engaged. By converting its 360° product content into a GIF, Matador opted out of the typical static newsletter, and used movement and visual interest to present easily digestible product information.

Need help increasing your e-commerce conversion rate? Websites that are using 360 product photography increase conversions by up to 47%.