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360 & 3D Product Spin….Join The Revolution!

There is a move afoot in the eCommerce industry. A buzz that I’ve only seen a couple times in my career. Right, everyone is rushing to provide mobile apps and to better understand the analytics about their customer’s behavior. And clearly most companies are in the early stages of understanding what social sites can accomplish for them. All of these are exciting, and bring great future promise in providing true value for eRetailers. But we’re not quite there yet. The buzz I’m talking about has been around for years, the value proven over and over by early adopters, but was a gem lost in the failure of execution and lack of scalability. The 2009 Belle of the Ball, Queen of the Castle, true Cinderella story has finally arrived and is NOW ready for Primetime!  360/3D Spin Made iPod Simple! irce-2012-logo

For ten years, I met with roughly 50% of the Internet 500 and 75% of the Top 100 European eRetailers, and was consistently asked….”how do I create a 360/3D spin user experience across my site”? For seven of those years, I explained in tiresome detail the process that clients needed to pursue in order to implement Spin as part of their rich media strategy. Unfortunately, for many, the obstacles were too difficult and the process broke down. There was just no easy way to conquer the beast.  What stood in the way:

1. Complication – what software, hardware, cameras, equipments, resources are required?
2. Logistics – how can I scale to thousands of products? Do I really have to ship all these products?
3. Price – How can I afford it?  Traditional studios were charging $300-$500 per product.

Fast forward to 2012. IPads are now accounting for 40% of online sales, smartphones have overtaken laptops in numbers of units sold, and a new generation of shopper is demanding a new and improved dynamic, HTML5 user experience, above and beyond a static product image, and with more control than an eVideo. No one thinks Spin is a bad idea and everyone understands the value….the ROI has been proven for years. So what’s the issue? Absolutely nothing if you know Snap36! Full service, 360 & 3D photography solutions made simple, scalable and affordable, regardless of your size.  We’ve cracked the code and NOW is the time to take your site to the next level!

Come visit us at IRCE 2012, Booth 307 and find out what we can do for you.

Need help increasing your e-commerce conversion rate? Websites that are using 360 product photography increase conversions by an average of 47%.