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Introducing the newest addition to Amazon Prime Day: 360-degree Imagery

Amazon Prime members were out in full force this year throughout the recently extended shopper’s paradise, Prime Day.  Amazon’s loyal followers experienced several new upgrades to their experience this year, including six more hours of deals, as well as 360-degree imagery for several of its Prime Day deals.

While we started to share this great news on our social media channels, there’s no better time to officially announce that shoppers will begin seeing products accompanied with 360-degree imagery on Amazon.

Since launching the company in 1996, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, flipped the company-consumer relationship on its head, making the Amazon shopping experience tailored to fit its customer’s lifestyle. Whether it’s easy returns, two-day shipping or the thousands of discounts you’ll find throughout the website, Amazon’s customer-centric mission has changed our expectations of the everyday shopping experience.

In line with Amazon’s core value of putting the customer first, Snap36 is dedicated to providing the market with high-quality imagery that brings products to life, and in turn, creates a trustworthy shopping experience for people researching and buying products online.

In each year since Amazon launched Prime Day, a unique shopping holiday created in 2015 to promote Amazon Prime memberships, Amazon has experienced tremendous growth in sales compared to the previous year. The company remained dedicated to its customers, by providing new benefits that ensured effortless purchasing. Whether it was offering free same-day delivery and one-day delivery on qualifying offers, or simply extending the shopping timeframe from 24 to 30 hours, all have played a role into the holiday’s massive success.

In 2016, Amazon experienced record-breaking sales, with subscriber orders increasing more than 60% compared to the previous year, followed by what was the biggest sales day in the company’s history in 2017. In 2018, the record reset once again, as consumers purchased over 100 million products during the 30 hour Prime Day window, which is especially impressive considering Amazon’s battle with server issues that caused a serious headache for those anxious to begin their shopping spree.

With 360-degree imagery recently added to products on Amazon, shoppers now have another confidence booster from their favorite shopping platform. Below are some product imagery examples from first-mover brands:

360° product imagery is becoming a standard as it continuously proves to move the needle by increasing conversion rates, reducing returns and improving customer satisfaction. Contact us to start a project with Snap36 and get your products spinning on Amazon.

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