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How Fathead Uses 360° & 3D Photography to Differentiate New Product Line

As industries start spinning and adoption rates increase, it’s no surprise we’re seeing innovative companies like Fathead define new uses and benefits of 360° & 3D photography.

I first had the opportunity to meet Fathead CMO, Joanna Cline, at IRCE 2013. I knew Fathead built a name for itself based on the incredible detail, clarity and richness of their life-like wall decals. Plus, who doesn’t love their commercials? Joanna informed me that building on the success of the 2D wall graphics, the company recently launched Stand Out™, a new line of life-size cutouts. The product was flawless, but there was a hitch—how to effectively display and differentiate the new 3D, non-adhesive product on their website.

While shooting the new 3D products for their website, Fathead found the images translated as 2D to the customer. Joanna knew that online customers would want to see the front image, but she needed them to see the back. Joanna quickly realized that 360° & 3D photography could accurately showcase the back of the 3D cutout, without losing the quality of the vibrant front image.

Although 360° & 3D photography was a new territory for Fathead, they were confident in Snap36’s ability to deliver on time and within budget. Our photographers took one look at the 6’5” versions of their favorite athletes and besides feeling the overwhelming desire to dunk over Derrick Rose (thank you Fathead for letting us keep that one!), they knew they had to get to work on our largest platform, which sits 9’ in diameter.

Each cutout was shot in a row of 24 images, with particular attention paid to the back of the product. Both camera angle and lighting had to be precise to allow our team to focus on capturing the new, patented visual information on the back, and yet emphasize the rich (and at times contrasting) color of the persona on the font.


Although the focus was on differentiating a new product line, it was important that we demonstrate how 360° & 3D photography can produce images that remain consistent with existing brand standards. By shooting the products with a transparent background, we were able to digitally showcase each cutout in a variety of virtual rooms. This feature, which is consistent among their 2D products, gives shoppers the opportunity to engage with the product, while visualizing what it looks like in their office, their basement, their bedroom, etc.

“Using Snap36’s technology to give our customers a 360-degree view in a sample room scenario, has definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of differentiating our 3D and 2D products,” said Joanna Cline, Chief Marketing Officer for Fathead. “Added to that is the bonus of an enhanced user experience and greater purchase confidence. Snap36 is a fantastic partner!”

Total implementation time from the date the Stand Outs™ arrived at our studio to when they went live on the Fathead website was 35 days. Since launching this new product line, Fathead has seen substantial sales with significantly less returns than what they normally see. The best part about working in this innovative and growing environment is seeing how companies push the boundaries of what 360° & 3D photography can offer. What can spin photography do for you?

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