How Can CPG Companies Become Digital Leaders? [SlideShare]

Although many CPG executives understand that a shift to e-commerce has arrived, many underestimate size of the opportunity and the need for technology transformation to thrive in a digital landscape.

No longer are these executives asking WHY they need to take e-commerce seriously, but HOW to succeed in an online world?

There is little doubt that consumers, who enjoy the flexibility and convenience of digital services in other aspects of their lives, are now demanding the same benefits from the grocery industry.

Retailers and suppliers need to understand the shifting retail landscape and build the digital commerce capabilities that consumers expect. Companies not prepared to meet to the new digital consumer risk stagnation, loss of share and even shrinking sales.

In this SlideShare, Snap36 CEO Jeff Hunt outlines why quality and comprehensive visual information is essential to meeting the needs of digital consumers, as well as the benefits of investing in technologies that simply and affordably capture product imagery.

Want more? Check out our latest infographic below on the digital future for consumer packaged goods.

Jeff Hunt

Jeff's passion for imagery and visualization began early in his career at Eastman Kodak, McDonnell Douglas Unigraphics and PTC. He then veered down the Internet start up path, helping to take Object Design and Cysive to public offerings pre-bubble burst. Joining Scene7 in 2002 (which was acquired by Adobe in 2007) imaging and Internet start-up were finally united. It was here that Jeff listened to his customers and recognized an underserved market in the 360° and 3D photography space...and voilà, Snap36 was born!

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