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IRCE: How 360° Imagery Boosts Online & Offline Merchandise And Customer Engagement for True Value

When you think of True Value, you likely picture your local corner hardware store where you would walk in, receive a warm greeting, find the item you need, and get a feel for whether or not that item will suit your needs. With the cultural shift to eCommerce, however, times have changed — nearly 60% of people prefer not to interact with a sales representative as their primary source of information. To address this change and the growing demand for online shopping, True Value decided it was time to find an e-commerce solution that would better suit the digital needs of its customers. In order to bridge the gap between the online and offline customer experience, True Value partnered with Snap36 to create high-quality digital product content.

At IRCE this year, Dave Elliot, SVP of Marketing at True Value, led a discussion on how 360-degree imagery has boosted online & offline sales and improved customer engagement. Here are his 3 key takeaways:

1. Retailing as a Response to Culture

There are countless examples of major cultural shifts launched by innovative retailers. Starting with Starbucks becoming a communal destination versus a “coffee joint,” to the invention of smartphones and mobile devices, to the explosion of online social sharing platforms that have us tethered to our iPhones. And, now we live in a world of Amazon — and not Amazon. When Amazon figured out how to take a very well understood commodity of books, and couple it with extremely efficient delivery, it defined a new sales channel. Once this business model showed its worth, e-commerce of all sorts sprung up. Digital information and imagery have now become the norm for those with a computer and internet access.

As Dave confirmed, True Value is no exception. As the landscape of retail has changed, so too has the need for technology to establish a trustworthy relationship between a brand and its customers. As consumers grow more sophisticated, they expect the right information relevant to their needs at their fingertips.

2. A Strong Data and Content Strategy is Essential to Delivering Personalized Experiences

It all starts with the data. Establishing a common set of goals and objectives across projects to ensure your data is used both effectively and efficiently is critical. This, in turn, will allow you to deliver a truly integrated content strategy. According to Dave, the right content marketing strategy enables your organization to: 1) remain customer-focused, 2) be cost-effective, 3) increase conversions, and 4) build brand awareness. 

Creating a personalized customer experience is only possible if you have the right data and treat your data as an asset. Then you can craft marketing experiences that target specific types of customers through your content. By providing personalized content, you will build stronger, more relevant, and loyal customer relationships.

3. A Tight, Collaborative Partnership Drives Real Results

True Value partnered with Snap36 to launch their digital strategy using 360-degree imagery. Since adding this enhanced content, True Value has reaped the benefits on both social media and its website. Dave shared True Value’s metrics and exciting results:

            • Social Media:
              • 5,625 link clicks to from social media
              • 4.5% CTR (versus its Industry average of 2.4%)
            • Bounce Rates decreased by 27%
            • Add to Cart increased by 35%
            • Conversion Rates increased by 22%

If you’d like to learn how Snap36 can help you achieve similar results, get in touch!

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