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Enhancing Product Imagery: 360° Photography or CGI Models?

As purchasing everyday items online becomes even more normalized, brands and retailers must find the most effective ways to present their products and drown out the competition. Online customers expect brands and retailers to provide compelling digital shopping experiences that mimic the in-store experiences they are accustomed to. The need for visually and emotionally engaging experiences has placed rich media in the forefront of the e-commerce evolution.

Rich media is product content that is enhanced beyond normal text and static images. Whether it’s a product video, 360° photography, AR application, or CGI models, customers yearn for accurate, comprehensive, and detailed product information before clicking “Add to Cart.”

When enhancing product imagery, 360° photography and CGI models are two formats widely adopted by top brands and retailers, but choosing between photography and CGI can be a difficult decision. Snap36 created this deck to help retailers and brands not only understand the benefits of enhanced product content, but also determine which format is best for their business needs today and in the future. It was originally presented by Snap36 CEO, Jeff Hunt as part of the Techtalk series at Shoptalk 2018, where established retailers and brands, startups, tech companies, media, analysts and others came together in Las Vegas to learn, collaborate and evolve.

In the presentation you will learn about the following:

  • The pros and cons for 360° photography and CGI models
  • The best use cases and industries for 360° photography and CGI models
  • How rich media assets can be used throughout your business

Need help increasing your e-commerce conversion rate? Websites that are using 360 product photography increase conversions by an average of 47%.