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Employee Spotlight: Caitlin Andrews, Project Manager

Name: Caitlin Andrews
Title: Project Manager
Years with Snap36: 3.5 years

What has been your favorite project at Snap36?

I have had quite a few favorites, but the most interesting project was for Tiffany & Co shooting fine jewelry.  I Airbnb’d in every borough of NYC for 2 months, met a great group of business-minded creative people, who were just as fascinated by spinning 360 as I am.  I watched two expert photographers and one rockstar stylist shoot through 600 pieces, some of them upwards of $80,000 per piece, which meant the photography had to be absolute perfection to appease the high standards of the Tiffany photo team and art directors. I hope to do more fashion projects like this in the future, because this project proved with a little talent and drive you can spin anything.

How did you first learn about Snap36?

It was around 2011-2012 when I started working for a company managing a photo studio whose primary function was to provide images for GS1 / Consumer Packaged Goods.  The company had an interest in beginning a 360 photography platform, and introduced me to the world of interactive spins.  I took on the responsibility of embedding the new 360 process into the studio, and created manuals and guides for the photographers to execute this new medium. I remember calling Michael Dreas to help me with this initiative, eventually got together and created a robotic studio. In doing so, decided that I might be a good fit to help Snap36 executing onsite projects.  I was completely fascinated by the spin process and knew that it would become a much greater asset as many studios were becoming automated, and there was no end in sight from an industry perspective. I’ve since watched Snap36 grow and become more and more influential every day.

Where is your favorite travel spot?

I’m genuinely torn between these places – New York, Los Angeles, and Portland.   If we’re talking about out of the country…I’d definitely have to go with Paris, France. These places all possess a certain energy you can’t describe until you’ve experienced it first hand.  New York has the best night life, LA has a very cool vibe that appeals to my interest in entertainment, and Portland is just so wholesome and creative.  Paris, though, is so romantic, every moment feels like a movie scene or book passage. Not to mention, everyone in France stays in on Sundays, and I can really get behind that.

Who is your favorite singer or band?

I will always be a big fan of 80’s new wave, punk, and pop.  If I had to narrow it down to one singer/band it would probably have to be The Cure’s Robert Smith or David Bowie.  I had a hard time with his death last year as his music has moved me through life in so many different ways.

What is your favorite movie?

This is also a hard question, there are so many.  If I absolutely had to pick, I’d have to say it is between these two; Heathers, because there were a few years that I made a point to watch it every Sunday. That being said, my all time favorite has got to be Lost in Translation with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, which is also one of my favorite soundtracks.

If you could switch places with one person, who would it be?

Probably my dog, Jack.  He gets everything taken care of for him and is well known in our studio for being a spoiled, rotten studio pup.

What is your favorite part about being in operations?

I love contributing to the greater growth of our company. The fact that I’ve been here to watch this company go from 15 people to 50 has been super fulfilling and I can’t help but be incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished. Every time we do a project, we learn valuable lessons about how to solve problems, and since each and every client is a little bit different we are able to adapt and improve our process.  I also enjoy networking and meeting talent across the country, getting to know creative teams that are hired, and always having a sense of comradery that grows with every project.

What has been your best memory at Snap36?

My favorite memories always happen on team-building activity days, when we go out as a company and complete a task together.  One of my all-time favorites was when we planned a rope course where we had to come together as a team, and help each other figure out how to make it through a seemingly dangerous rope course that takes you up 5 stories on a harness. I am pretty afraid of heights, so this was a specifically difficult course for me.  I remember working with Kim Vlach and David Gaffney through the details of not falling to my death, and once I got the hang of the harnesses, I had the strongest sense of adrenaline when I finished the course.  

What is your favorite family tradition?

Motorcycle rides, tattoo sessions, and studio shoots with my dad.  He is a recently retired commercial photographer, and I’ll still call him to this day seeking photography / professional advice.  He and I share a lot of common interests, and I’d be lucky to be half the photographer he was.

What is the last TV show you watched?

RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Hands-down my favorite show on television.  I love RuPaul, down to his history as a young punk in New York, up to now creating a platform for LGBTQ visibility.

What is your favorite lunch spot by work?

I love going to Cobra Lounge or Kaiser Tiger. Our new studio location is down the street from both of these delicious places.  Cobra Lounge has a great rock vibe, and has always been one of my favorite bars even before I worked next door.  I have been to countless shows there throughout my life, as they have a little venue attached as well as their delicious home-brewed beers. As for Kaiser Tiger,  they have amazing food as well as a super fun patio in the summertime, and a curling rink in the winter.

What is your biggest phobia?

Sharks.  I have a hate/love relationship with sharks, I am totally fascinated by watching them but nothing has ever terrified me more than seeing videos of Great White Sharks. Something about their eyes tells you they are just born killing machines.  I think it is amazing they are completely untouched by evolution, and have stayed exactly the same since the prehistoric era.  Definitely has always kept me from taking a dip in the ocean.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve… probably when I’m training people and they refuse to take notes. “I can commit this from memory” they say.  Well, I know for a fact that you learn more by notating, and I know it has always helped me when learning new processes. I am a very big note taker, as the devil is always in the details.

What has been your part about working at Snap36?

I love travelling, and Snap36 has allowed me to travel the country and start new studios with a wide variety of challenges to conquer.  Being able to assign creative talent to projects and watch them flourish as professionals is very fulfilling, as well as helping them push their boundaries.

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