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Are You Ready to Automate Product Photography?

Polled from almost 2,000 respondents from over 400 companies, an Adobe survey, Digital Marketing in the Next Decade, stated that the number one most effective opportunity was in “multi-media product viewing (integrated images, video, Flash, audio, spin, etc).”  Yet, in the conclusions, it was noted, “in line with last year’s results, rich media tactics are among the most deployed and effective, suggesting that some of them are on a maturing path. Nonetheless, there remains room for innovation, as emerging tools such as virtual fitting rooms and 360/3D visualization remain largely untapped.”

With the popularity of smartphones and tablets as the shopping device of choice, today’s shopper is no longer content with limited, static images as their main visual engagement for shopping. They are demanding more visual information to help them build confidence when making a purchase. So why aren’t retailers providing this experience when the evidence is so clear?

outsourced_solutionHistorically there have been three barriers to entry in creating 360/3D photography and user experience.

  1. Too complex
  2. Not scalable
  3. Too expensive

And while the fears may be alive, let me assure you that these challenges have been met. Similar to the advancements we see in high-tech manufacturing, the combination of robotic equipment, integrated workflows and automation software simplifies a once complex, limited and expensive process. Compared to a non-automated studio, automated studios can shoot 3x as many products, while maintaining the price of traditional, static photography.

Need help increasing your e-commerce conversion rate? Websites that are using 360 product photography increase conversions by an average of 47%.