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Are CPG Marketers Ready to Meet the Digital Consumer?

Digital technologies are reshaping the landscape on how we discover and shop for consumer package goods. With brands, consumers, products and digital devices connected like never before, digital is disrupting traditional business models and putting new demands on CPG marketers.

E-commerce isn’t just an additional sales channel; it’s an entirely new one for the CPG industry. It’s mainly uncharted territory with unique characteristics requiring a different strategy than traditional models. What grabs attention in supermarkets doesn’t work on the web. Focus moves away from assortment, packaging and shelf placement to content, imagery and search.

In the Internet rat race, early adopters will establish themselves as difficult-to-dislodge market leaders. Industry giants will face a new wave of competitors that are bullish about building new capabilities to stay relevant to the digital consumer. Companies late to the digital game risk stagnation, loss of market share, declining brand equity and shrinking sales.

But the question remains, are CPG marketers ready, or even willing, to invest in the strategy, infrastructure, and digital technology needed to meet changing consumer expectations?

Check out our latest infographic below on the digital future for consumer packaged goods.


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