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AAPEX 2017 Highlights: 4 companies that brought their ‘A’ game

If you were unable to make it to the Sands Expo for AAPEX 2017, you might be surprised by what exhibitors had on display this year. I was blown away by a number of booths this year—which featured several technological advances and product launches—revealing a glimpse into the future of the automotive aftermarket. Below, I’ve reviewed four companies that stood out to me at this year’s AAPEX show.


Schaeffler brought out all of the stops, showcasing two seamless booths. Their innovation booth displayed the first bio-hybrid vehicle. The Schaeffler team was kind enough to take a few minutes to speak with me, where I learned of its plans for mass producing this highly eco-friendly vehicle in the near future.

At its main booth, Schaeffler unveiled a custom built, augmented reality station for visitors to gain a better understanding of its products. Going beyond its flagship brands such as FAG and LuK, Schaeffler demonstrated their ambition to establish itself as a household name when it comes to automotive technology and innovation.


Philips turned a lot of heads at AAPEX 2017, leaving the show with four awards for their new Ultinon LED lights. The new LED bulbs actually reflect color back into the headlamp giving the illusion that they are colored.

Along with the award-winning light bulbs, Philips displayed a motorcycle with their new MotoVision lights. This display emphasized the major upgrades these premium headlamp bulbs provide compared to standard bulbs.


Delphi utilized its booth at AAPEX to promote its new line of truck filter cleaners, as well as its recently updated app. Delphi improved its already award-winning app, Delphi Connect, by focusing on replacement parts, along with the inclusion of 360° imagery to help ensure customers are selecting the right parts.

Johnson Controls

Similar to Schaeffler, Johnson Controls showcased an augmented reality station at AAPEX this year, further demonstrating the progression of this technology. It’s clear that this technology has made significant strides in recent years and the automotive aftermarket is looking to take AR to the next level.

The highlight from Johnson Controls has to be their new recycling facility, which is capable of recycling 8,000 batteries per hour. In addition, they launched 11 new AGM battery sizes to keep up with the ever-growing demand for power in cars.

The turnout at AAPEX this year completely exceeded my expectations. The booths are growing, and the innovation was astounding. While some may overlook the automotive aftermarket, it’s becoming clear that the industry as a whole is making a concerted effort to develop and supply the market with state-of-the-art products.

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