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A Better Way to Make B2B Products Come to Life Online

B2B suppliers are working hard to create consumer-friendly web sites, but few are putting their best image forward when it comes to product photography.

B2B websites have maintained traditional static photography—that at its best is inconsistent, and at its worst is missing—despite the comparable cost of 360° and 3D spin photography. Furthermore, traditional static photography only shows a product from one angle, which hinders a purchasing agent’s ability to get a realistic sense of a product as if they were physically handling it.

A 360° image shows the product from all angles, bringing to life product details a buyer might otherwise have missed in a static image. For example, a 360° image of a blower motor shows all of the mounting brackets and connectors, but even something as simple as a screw is presented with such detail that a buyer can count the threads to confirm the right count. Such visual information can remove any doubts a B2B buyer has about purchasing a product, according to e-commerce experts.

Online, the product image is the product. The more realistically a B2B buyer can interact with the image, the more control they have over viewing the product the way they want, which increases confidence in the purchasing decision.

6 percent blog

Our industrial clients have seen a 6% lift in sales for products showcased using 360° spin images over those using static images. In addition, conversion rates for products displayed in 360° spin are higher than products displayed using video, alternative views, or additional product copy.

Get The Picture

To create a 360° image, we photograph a product from multiple angles using robotic equipment and workflow software. The individual still images are then stitched together to create an interactive spin and deployed in a rich media viewer.

The automated process and intelligent equipment allow for more images to be shot in less time, with near perfect consistency, making it an effective image capturing solution offered at a price comparable to static images. High production costs and a lengthy manual process are no longer the barrier they once were to capturing high-quality 360° & 3D product images.

We offer flexible solutions for companies across the spectrum of e-commerce maturity. Suppliers can send products directly to the our studio, purchase 360° & 3D equipment for their own in-house studio, or have Snap36 bring our equipment and professional photographers to the suppliers’ location.

From those looking to shoot a few products, an entire product line, or deploy as a complete brand strategy, it’s important for companies to choose partners willing and able to create custom solutions, tailored to meet their strategic goals.

Protect Your Bottom Line

If improved sales and lower production costs aren’t a convincing enough business case for 360° & 3D product photography, here is one more selling point: lower returns. Recently, a client that sells hard hats online has seen returns for a popular product line drop to zero since displaying the product in 360° spin.

B2B buyers want to avoid returns because the products they order are needed to run their business. The significance of a B2B purchase far outweighs that of a consumer purchase and buyers cannot afford to make the wrong purchasing choice. If 360° and 3D imagery reduces returns, increases buyers purchase confidence, and is offered at a price comparable to static imagery, there is no reason for B2B suppliers not to use it.

Need help increasing your e-commerce conversion rate? Websites that are using 360 product photography increase conversions by an average of 47%.