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360 or 3D Spin Photography? Or both?

There are many directions an internet retailer can go when spinning their products.  Deciding on whether to create a 360 or 3D Spinset can greatly affect how customers interact with the product.

With any new process or technology comes new terms or technical jargon.  The terms we use have their origins based in how the viewers organize and present the images we produce with our FotoRoobot system.  Here is a quick breakdown of how we describe spin:

Columns = the number of images as a product spins around 360°
Rows = the number of angles within 90° the camera will move over the top of the product

360 spinset = 16 columns x 1 row = 16 images total
3D spinset = 16 columns x 4 rows = 64 images total

We have created this image to show the order images are captured in.


Products of all shapes and sizes can benefit from spin photography.  Some have more detail or shape that can take advantage of the ability we have to to create a 3D spinset.  This gives the customer the feeling of rotating or flipping the product around in their own hands.  Others have more simple or symetrical shapes that may not look much different from an upper angle, but will look great in a 360 spinset.  Either way, most products will present better and give the customer more visual information when shown in a 360 or 3D Spinset.

Will it be 360 or 3D?

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