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3 E-Commerce Sites To Inspire Your Product Photography

Creating the best user experience has always been critical for online retailers, but now, more than ever, technology is changing what that means.

To prepare for customers who demand a high degree of interaction and information, regardless of which device they are using, online retailers must expand their technical agility to create revolutionary product presentations.

A traditional static photo and boring product description neither captures users’ attention nor provides the necessary context to make purchase decisions. It takes a combination of content and commerce—with consumer-driven engagement at the core—to succeed online.

That is why more and more top retailers invest in rich media to create interactive branded experiences that make a lasting impression.



Tom Ford adopts an edgy take on product photography by integrating videos of real women wearing their lipsticks next to static imagery.  Remarkably, the design is so seamless that a typical user would not be able to decipher the video from the image until the video is trigged by a rollover. The first time I discovered this unique feature, I found myself highly intrigued. I interacted with every image in anticipation of what video would play next.

While each video is slightly different, they all provide a somewhat risqué experience that speaks to the Tom Ford brand and creates a lasting impression.

Ann Taylor uses 360° & 3D spin photography to offer extensive views of their chic shoes and revolutionize their product pages.

Spin photography enables the fashion retailer to create consumer-driven interactions that enhance the product presentation and purchasing experience. The ability to view products from any angle and zoom in on any perspective gives customers a better understanding of their potential purchase. It’s the next best thing to an in-store environment.

Never before has product photography been able to increase the time visitors spend on a site while arming them with extensive product information.

Hot Spots ELF

E.L.F. offers a new take on traditional advice columns by using hotspots to educate on products, provide valuable advice and simplify the purchasing process.

The beauty brand offers girls tips on how to create a variety of makeup looks with interactive images with hotspots to the corresponding products— without ever leaving the page.

E.L.F. offers a convenient, simple, and above all, valuable experience that integrates content and commerce and allows them to seamlessly provide product details and purchasing options at the moment of interest.

There you have it, three of my favorite brands pushing the limits of dynamic media to create engaging and memorable user experiences. Please share how your favorite brands are innovating product photography in the comments!

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