Welcome Allied Suppliers!

Allied Electronics & Automation added product images with a 360-degree spin to its website to help design engineers and maintenance and repair operators find the exact products for their design specs and repair needs. With the nature of the small-sized products they sell, like connectors and sensors, there is a need to zoom in and check out all sides of an item to make sure that what a customer orders is what is needed for the design or repair. To support these efforts, Snap36 has partnered with Allied Electronics & Automation to develop a supplier program for its suppliers.

360° Product Views Power B2B E-Commerce

Dan Stewart, Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce, Allied Electronics & Automation
Industry innovator Allied Electronics & Automation is working with Snap36 to create 360-degree product content for its suppliers. Hear from Dan Stewart, VP of marketing & e-commerce, as he explains how 360-degree product imagery helps design engineers and maintenance and repair operators find the exact products the first time for their design specs and repair needs.

Why Partner With Snap36?


Leverage our product photography expertise and remove the burden from your teams.

Time to Market

Automate complex imagery tasks of editing, QA, formatting, and file naming for different retailers.


Customize your project with a proven partner that is committed to your success.


Affordably grow an image asset library that you own for all of your products.


Create imagery that drives engagement, increases conversion, and improves brand differentiation.

How Does It Work?

Project Planned

Suppliers that work with Snap36 retain ownership of all image assets created. We will recommend a project model based on your goals and timelines, whether that’s photographing products in the Snap36 Chicago studio, setting up a mobile 360 degree photography studio in your own facility, or purchasing the 360 degree automation equipment.

Products Shipped and Sorted

For a studio project, you can ship your products directly to Chicago, where our full-service merchandise team will take over. Otherwise, we’ll bring a mobile studio or ship our equipment to you. Our team unpacks your products, catalogs them, and spot-checks for product or packaging flaws that could later interfere with photography. And during check-ins, we offer additional services such as product weights and dimensions.

Products Prepared

The best way to prepare your products for photography is to remove any product packaging and gently clean if necessary. The product will be placed on a tabletop as it would naturally sit, and the majority of the product will be visible. If a product needs to be propped to achieve the desired orientation, the props will be removed in post-production.

Photograph Product

All images will be photographed to a 255 white background with no shadow. To produce a 360 degree image, we capture 72 photographs at 15-degree increments on 3 different planes. This creates the ‘up and over’ effect you see when spinning an image online.

Post Production

If for some reason Snap36 is unable to photograph products to a 255 white background they will have the item placed on a white background to comply with industry standards. For all products needing propping Snap36 will have those props removed. 

File Naming & Deliver to Allied Electronics & Automation

Individual JPG files must follow the specific recommended file format in order to be delivered to Allied Electronics & Automation. Snap36 will automatically name your files in the correct format to ensure speedy delivery.

Spin | Tilt | Zoom

After the success of the intial 10,000 product project, Allied has created a page to introduce the 360° product image capabilities on its website. This page is dedicated to educating suppliers on the many benefits of 360° photography.

Meet Peter.

Peter is our Sales Consultant at Snap36 who manages the relationship between Allied and its suppliers. Please contact Peter today to get started!

p.marshall@snap36.com | 773-904-9813