Accessory Kits 360 Degree Product Photography

Our accessory kits expand equipment functionality. The Heavy Duty (HD) Portal easily suspends large or heavy products, such as a bicycle. The Chandelier Kit allows you to shoot lighting fixtures while illuminated. The Heavy Duty (HD) Portal expands the capabilities of the Cube. Its height and width allow for even the largest products, from bicycles to crossbows, to be suspended and shot with ease. The Chandelier Kit gives you the ability to suspended lighting fixtures while illuminated. The Cube is equipped with power access to plug in, turn on and suspended any product. The clear Mannequin Kit creates an invisible model to keep the focus on the apparel and not the mannequin. The Cube’s easy click-system allows for quick on and off interchange of mannequins to increase productivity. Mannequins come in adult male, adult female, small child and toddler.

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